Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Jamie T at Southampton Guildhall (2/2/2010)

A young girl with homemade Jamie T T-shirt (complete with lyrical quotes) was strategically placed at the front- crushing in to the barrier. From this sight, it was expected to be a manic night.

Jamie T’s careless swagger on stage reflected the free spiritedness in which he performs- with energy and conviction. Politically charged lyrics of ‘British Intelligence’ were reflected in the spasmodic break out of ‘we hate the government’ speeches- which served to further hype the audience.

Manic energy was juxtaposed against the subtle but crass beauty of ‘Back in the Game’, played solo by Jamie and his bass guitar. Clich├ęd performance moves were fortunately not present, taken place with Jamie’s signature down to earth style- found in both set design and strong bond shared with the audience.

To top off, an encore of latest single, ‘Stick and Stones’ was played at an alarmingly fast pace, after Jamie asks the audience to show their appreciation and ‘throw anything you have in your hands at me’-but this boy’s not silly- warning that ‘you gotta be prepared to take it back’.

A hair full of beer later, the stage is carpeted with bottles, bras and shoes… and audience is pleasingly drenched in sweat. ‘Will u have us back next year?’ he shouts. I don’t think we could stop you from coming.